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We practice before starting the circuit a joint warm-up to the pelvis, shoulders and back. This is simply to enable the joints with slow, DSN Pre Workout full and regular movements (without shaking or spring time). The long stretches are, by cons, not helpful during this preparatory phase and must be booked in a specific session, for example the next circuit.
Alternation Effort-Recovery
comprehensive program to tone up without equipmentThe duration of the effort of each of these exercises is 30 seconds. The pace is without maximum, inter-exercise rest time is 30 seconds. The duration of a series in which we do the 12 exercises is 12 minutes, the duration of the inter-series break is 4 minutes if you start the program and then gradually reduced to 2 minutes. As for the weight lifting program glutes we can use a stopwatch or a smartphone application giving the tempo and respect the effort and recovery phases.


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